The Idea

More and more consumers purchase products under consideration of ecological aspects. They choose products of high quality made from natural sources. Products to maintain and protect leather have to meet these requirements as well. We decided to manufacture a line of high quality leather balm, leather care creme, leather fat and leather oil under strict self-imposed guidelindes. Our products can be used for almost all needs to maintain and protect high quality leather.

The Resources

We use in our products only natural resources and choose under those the most untreated ones. During the manufacturing we process this wax, oils, fats and varnishes with greatest care. It is obvious for us to declare all ingredients in our products.

The Difference

Most of the commercial products to maintain leather contain synthetic wax, petro-chemical sovents and tar colouring substances. In addition, many use emulsion supporting substances, anti-oxydants, thickeners, etc... Usually, you as consumer, don't know what this ?maintaining" products contain, because there is no law to asking for declaration of all ingredients.


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