Leather Balm burgundy
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Tapir's Leather Balm is a powerful shine giving shoe polish for smooth leather shoes, it repels water and restores natural oils of the leather.
Apply the balm with a cotton cloth, e.g. the Tapir´s Polishing Cloth or Tapir´s Application Brush and massage it intensely into your shoes.
Our tip here: A little goes a long way! As the balm is quite effective initially just apply a thin coating. After waiting a minute or so you can start the polishing with vigorous strokes using the Tapir´s Polishing Brush. The surface will now have a wonderful fresh shine.
Shoes treated this way can be repolished with the polishing brush various times afterwards. It is only necessary to apply a new coat of Tapir’s Leather Balm when the shine doesn’t come back after brushing.
With the help of our really fine Tapir´s Goat Hair Brush, a little vinegar or spit (which is the traditional way of a shoe cleaner) and lots of patience and you can bring out the glossiest side of your shoes. More information on Glossy Polish is available on our web-site at Leather Care Tips and Tricks.
Beeswax, shellac wax, sugar cane wax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, castor oil, natural solvents, earth colour pigments. Please close the can tightly after use.

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