Pure Indulgence

Beeswax, orange zest oil or coconut fat: Indulge in: Indulge in the sensual scents of Tapir´s Leather Care products knowing you can trust what’s gone into each product. Not only do we value the best quality and gentle processing of our products, It´s comfortable to know how good the quality and constitution of these non-toxic ingredients that have been processed to create Tapir´s Leather Care products. We´ve put in a lot of effort into finding the best possible ingredients for our first-class leather care in countries of origin for our natural waxes, greases and oils.
The basis for our research and discovery tours is built upon original recipes that we found in old documents and formulations. Turpentine oil balm from Portugal, carnauba wax from Brazil, shellac wax from India:
In one can of our leather balm you´ll find ingredients from four continents that are being manufactured to a unique high-quality leather care at our small plant.
More than 20 different natural ingredients which are imported directly from countries of origin build the basis of our own formulations. It is extremely important to us not only to use the best quality and gentle manufacturing but to maintain an intense exchange with our suppliers.





Beeswax Europe soft wax, waterproofing
Carnauba wax South America, Brazil hard wax, shine provider, made of Brazilian, carnauba palm leaves
Shellac wax India hard wax shine, provider tree gum
Candelilla wax South America hard wax shine, provider grass plants wax
Jojoba oil North America obtained from jojoba bushes, actually a wax, provides grease layer and deep care, makes leather supple
Turpentine Oil Balm Portugal natural solvent for waxes, keeps cremes supple, cleans obtained as tree gum from pines, distilled
Orange Turpentine South America  natural good smelling solvent for waxes, cleans, distilled from orange zest
Vegetable Stearin Philippines product of fat scission of palm oil or coconut fat, waterproofing
Ammonia Solution emulsifier   binds waxes and turpentines with water
Lanolin Germany sheep wool fat, waterproofing
Castor Oil Europe pressed from castor seeds, deep care and protection
Rape Seed Oil Germany deep care and protection, pressed from rape seeds
Vinegar Germany food vinegar out of brandy, cleans
Coconut Fat Philippines waterpoofing
Sunflower Oil Fatty Acids South Europe fatty acid from sunflower oil, emulsifier