Waterproofing Leather

Tapir´s Leather Waterproofing for velour, suede and Nubuk leather shoes provides a powerful water barrier and has a slight cleaning effect.

In case the shoes are dirty clean them prior to spraying with water and maybe a mild vegetable soap. Allow to dry. Then dry and spray Tapir´s Leather Waterproofing keeping a distance of some 20-30 cm from the shoes. Due to uneven spraying droplets can form on the surface.

These droplets need to be wiped immediately into the leather using either a Tapir´s Application Brush or Tapir´s Polishing Brush and let it dry for a short while. Afterwards rough up the surface raising the nap with Tapir´s Suede Brass Wire Brush or foam rubber, making sure to work in one direction, not backwards and forwards.


A slight darkening of the leather is possible after the application. Please always sample the product on a small hidden area before the main application.

Lanoline, vegetable stearin, natural solvents, ammonia solution, water.

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