Step One:

Clean your shoes. To get rid of all dust and stubborn dirt use Tapir´s Suede Brass Wire Brush or Tapir´s Foam Rubber.

Step two:

Please shake the bottle with Tapir´s Leather Waterproofing Solution before use.


Step Three:

Spray Tapir´s Leather Waterproofing Solution from a distance of some 20-30 cm and distribute evenly rubbing with our small round Tapir´s Application Brush.

Step Four:

Allow shoes or your leather items to dry, this will be noticeable as the leather colour lightens up again. Attention! Light coloured leather might darken slightly after the application.

Please always sample our waterproofing solution on a hidden patch first.

Step Five:

Afterwards raise the nap on your shoes with Tapir´s Suede Brass Wire Brush or Tapir´s Foam Rubber working in the direction of leather grain without applying too much pressure.