Tapir´s Leather Balm

Step one

Remove dust from your shoes with a soft cotton cloth or Tapir´s Polishing Cloth. Brush gently away tough dirt with Tapir´s Cleaning Brush. For really hardened dirt use Tapir´s Leather and Saddle Soap to wash over the leather first.Extra tip!Remove shoe laces before cleaning and applying care products, this will help to reach all areas of the leather easier and make the job more effective. Shoe laces will stay clean and you´ll keep them longer.



Step Two

Apply a very small amount of Tapir´s Leather Balm with a Tapir´s Application Brush on your shoes and massage it intensively into the leather. Tapir´s Leather Balm is very effective and you´ll need only very little of it.
Normally colourless Tapir´s Leather Care Polish on your coloured shoes is enough. However, natural colour pigments of our coloured balm would additionally restore the colour and cover up cracks and scuffs on your shoes making them look new again.

Step Three

Allow your shoes to dry for a few minutes and then polish them with our polishing brush. Please polish gently and don´t apply too much pressure.

Step Four

With a bit of a patience and thanks to high-quality of natural waxes used in our Tapir´s Leather Balm you´ll achieve a very fine shining finish on your shoes and put your shoes, especially its´ tips, back into the spot light.You´ll need a small bowl with a mixture of water and a little vinegar as well as our high-quality soft polishing brush. We recommend our handcrafted brushes made with fine goat hair.After you´ve applied our Leather Balm of according colour on your shoes, immerse the polishing brush in the bowl with vinegar and water mixture and splash it onto the shoes. And then it will take lots of sense and patience to brush, brush and brush the shoes.


Step Five

After polishing your shoes insert a shoetree to enhance the shoe form. This is the best way of storing your shoes.