Leather Grease

Step one

Remove dust from your shoes with a soft cotton cloth or Tapir´s Polishing Cloth. Brush slightly away tough dirt with Tapir´s Cleaning Brush. For really tough dirt use Tapir´s Leather and Saddle Soap to wash over the leather first.


Step Two

Apply a small amount of Tapir´s Leather Grease, for best results use a round Tapir´s Application Brush on your shoes or other leather items and massage it intensively into the leather.

Step Three:

Allow your shoes or leather items to dry for several minutes. Then distribute Tapir´s Leather Grease with our Tapir´s Polishing Brush on the surface.Leather grease gets soft when warmed up through rubbing and permeates deeply the leather making it supple and protecting it from long-term damage.