Leather Care

Step One:

Remove dust from your shoes with a soft cotton cloth or Tapir´s Polishing Cloth. Brush slightly away tough dirt with Tapir´s Cleaning Brush. For really hardened dirt use Tapir´s Leather and Saddle Soap to wash over the leather first.

Extra tip!
Remove shoe laces before cleaning and applying care products, this will help reach all areas of the leather easier and make the job more effective. Shoe laces will stay clean and you´ll keep them longer.

Step two:

Tapir´s Leather Care is a fluid care product for smooth leather.
Apply a small amount of Tapir´s Leather Care Polish with a Tapir´s Application Brush on your shoes and massage it intensively into the leather.

Step Three:

Please polish gently and don´t apply too much pressure.
We recommend our Tapir´s Polishing Brush which is handmade and thickly tipped with the finest horse hair and for a real gloss our handcrafted Tapir´s Gloss Brush made with fine goat hair.

Step Four:

After polishing insert into your shoes a shoetree. We recommend shoetrees from a cedar wood. Coming soon: shoetrees made of untreated cedar wood manufactured in Germany using traditional craftsmanship.
You’ll appreciate the natural scent of cedar wood and your shoes will benefit from the dehumidifying effect of cedar wood while keeping the leather in good shape.