How to Guides

What do I use for what type of leather? Our How to Guide lists all uses of Tapir products and guides you safely to the right choice of the best care product for your leather.
We are confident that you´ll find exactly what you need.

What type of leather:

Best Care Products

Leather FurniturLeather Oil
Blotting PadsLeather Oil
Leather ChairsLeather Oil
Leather SuitcasesLeather Oil
Leather ClothingLeather Oil
Leather JacketsLeather Oil
Motorbike Leather OutfitLeather Oil
Leather Trousers/LederhoseLeather Oil
Leather Book CoverLeather Oil
Leather BagsLeather Oil
Fine Leather BagsLeather Care
Fine Leather ShoesLeather Care
Braided LeatherLeather Care
Smooth Leather CleaningLeather and Saddle Soap
Smooth Leather ShoesLeather Balm,
Leather Care Polish
Nubuk Leather ShoesLeather Waterproofing
Suede ShoesLeather Waterproofing
Velour ShoesLeather Waterproofing
Hiking BootsLeather Grease
WorkwearLeather Grease
Greasy Leather ShoesLeather Grease
Sailor Shoes    Leather Grease
Motorbike Leather OutfitLeather Grease
Equestrian ShoesLeather Grease
Leather SolesLeather Soles Care