Noble travel kits for leather care made of leather and high-quality valet boxes made of German beech tree as well as other accessories.

Where to store all these shoe polish tubes, flasks, cans and the shoe cleaning and polishing rags?
We´ve got something really special for you!
Tapir´s Valet Box – not only does it look fabulous, it´s designed to fit in like a piece of furniture. Manufactured using German beech wood from the town of Solling and luxuriously handmade in an elaborate carpenter´s manner. You´ll enjoy your Tapir´s Valet Box for a long time. We offer boxes in two sizes: for the “big” and “small” shoeshine boy.

And by the way, it makes a perfect gift!

New to our collection: Our noble Tapir´s Travel Leather Care Kits made of vegetable tanned leather.
Already contains Tapir´s Leather Care products for your next trip.

As additional accessories Tapir offers a high-quality range of brushes and practical items for shoes, in fact almost everything “around the shoe”.

Another Tapir´s product of interest is Köndringer´s Wood Care. Using original formulations from the well-known restaurateur Dr. Peter Haas Tapir is manufacturing our excellent Köndringer´s Wood Care Wax and the wonderful Köndringer´s Furniture Polish.

The consistent quality of our products is sealed by our traditional and ecological standards.

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