About Tapir

1983 the ethnology student Bodo Rengshausen-Fischbach established the company Tapir Wax Products in Dassel-Amelsen.The first leather care products using traditional recipes and methods started out in the laundry of an old farmhouse. The cute Tapir as a company logo was already being used way back then. The founder of this small village industry discovered his first recipes in university archives and libraries. As a passionate lover of old Volvo automobiles he was keen to develop a line of leather care products for aged car seats. The idea was however to use only handpicked natural ingredients. This basic idea is still the foundation for all Tapir´s products. Thus only natural sustainable raw materials are being used in the processing of our small Manufactory which is still residing in the middle of the village of Dassel-Amelsen, although no longer in the old farm house. Natural oil, noble waxes, solvents from oranges and rare tree gums as well as earth and mineral colour pigments build the foundation of all Tapir products. We don´t use any petrochemical ingredients, aniline dyes or chemical solvents. A complete data sheet of all ingredients for all Tapir´s Care products is proof enough.
Our company belongs not only to its founder, but two of the members of our staff are shareholders as well. And there is next generation waiting in the wings. At Tapir´s you´ll find everything in leather care for smooth and full grain leathers.
By now Tapir is selling its products not only to clients from all over Europe, but even as far away as Japan and our sales figures are increasing constantly. Despite all this success and growing Tapir is going to keep its production site in Amelsen. If you´d like to know more about our company, visit our manufacturing plant in Dassel-Amelsen.
A short call or an e-mail and our staff members are going to take care of you.